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Comtruk ute trays and truck bodies


Classic Australian aluminium ute trays since 1978

You need a ute that looks great and performs even better. The Comtruk range of ute trays, truck bodies and accessories gets you there. We’ve been fabricating and installing high-quality alloy tray bodies for all brands of vehicle since 1978.

Comtruk trays and truck bodies are built to last. They perform to high standards for tradesmen, couriers, campers, sports enthusiasts and ute fans alike. We are proud to serve as Australia’s load-carrying benchmark.

From standard trays to custom-built designs and accessories, we’ve got what you need. Whether you’re outfitting a new vehicle or upgrading your current one, look no further than Comtruk. Check out some of the work we’ve done below, or talk to one of our experts today.


Single, dual and space-cab utes and pick-ups

Ute Trays 1Ute Trays 2Ute Trays 3
Iveco ute trays 1Iveco ute trays 2Iveco ute trays 3
Isuzu ute trays 1Isuzu ute trays 2Isuzu ute trays 3

Commercial trays, up to 2300mm wide

Isuzu ute trays 5Isuzu ute trays 6Isuzu ute trays 7
Isuzu ute trays 8Isuzu ute trays 9Isuzu ute trays 10
Iveco Daily ute trays 1Iveco Daily ute trays 2Iveco Daily ute trays 3

Heavy-duty industrial-use trays

black ute tray 1black ute tray 2black ute tray 3
truck tray 1 truck tray 2 truck tray 3
commercial tray 1commercial tray 2commercial tray 3

Ladder racks, toolboxes, Rollock drawers and more

light commercial tray 1Heavy Commercial trayBuilder ute tray
Light Commercial ute trayIveco ute trayIsuzu Ladder Rack 7
ute tray ladder racklight commercial ute trayRollock Drawer

Unique made-to-order designs

Trike ramp and tray with custom cover
custom ute tray 1custom ute tray 2custom ute tray 3

Double-height heavy-duty drop-sides
heavy duty ute traylight duty ute traymedium duty ute tray

Wire mesh landscaping tray
wire ute trayalloy ute tray

Hydraulic tippers and lifters

Ford Transit ute trayFord Transit ute tray 2Ford Transit ute tray 3
ute tray tipperute tray lifterute tray hydraulic